Introducing…RnR Creations & Gifts (Formally LouLous Melts). We wanted something that was going to represent both my mum and dad, so that’s when we thought of ‘RnR’. We wanted something to move away from the generic name of ‘melts’ as I have expanded and do a lot more than just melts now so it would be odd, I also wanted to combine a few other things with it too so that’s where ‘creations and gifts’ came from.

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About RnR Creations And Gifts

We are a small business in the heart of Somerset, providing you with home fragrance, wax melts, bath bombs and loads of other gifts and products, we have moved away from our LouLous Melts name as we want to expand and build our business on everything that’s not just wax melts, our business is in honour of my Mum and Dad who have both sadly passed away, I wanted something to represent them both as they meant so much to me. 💕

  • CLP

    As it's a legal requirement to include CLP on the back of our products, we have made sure all of ours is correct, we are also fully insured.

  • Bundles

    Certain products we actually have bundles and deals on them where if you buy more than one of the products, you can save some money, who doesn't love that right?!

  • Customer Care

    We believe that customer service should be at the heart of what we do as a business, we want to make sure we provide our customers with all the products they want, we always value feedback!

  • Follow Our Socials

    Keep in touch with us by following us on other places on the internet!! If you follow us, we may give you a follow back! Be sure to tag us in your photos too!

  • Cruelty Free & Vegan

    We believe in no cruelty to animals and that's why we hve made sure all our products are vegan and cruelty free. We search for suppliers that have the same values as us.

  • Plastic Free Packaging

    We believe that everyone should care about the environment, that's why we have decided to make the change and package all our orders in plastic free packaging, our clamshells are all recyclable so you won't have to worry about that either.

  • Fast delivery with products and they were great quality as always.

  • My boys loved their bath bomb! Thank you so much!

  • I loved all my wax melts that I had bought! Will definitely be back for more soon!

  • I loved all my aromatherapy wax melts that I bought! The deep sleep essential oil blends is lovely and defintely helps me relax around bed time.

  • These products are defintely of top quality, I love the bath bombs and will definitely be back to purchase some more around Christmas

  • I recently bought some bath bombs so I can't wait to purchase more for Christrmas gifts.

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